Portfolio Management Services

Big Cedar Investment Advisors evaluates the client’s financial condition and risk tolerance in order to tailor its securities recommendations to meet the client’s investment objectives and individual needs.  We primarily seeks to manage client accounts on a discretionary basis, but also offer non-discretionary management services to those clients that choose to enter their own transactions.  Our advisors make ongoing recommendations primarily involving exchange-listed stocks, mutual funds, index funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), stock options, and bonds.  We may recommend investments in private placement offerings when appropriate.  Big Cedar Investment Advisors does not use margin or leveraged products.  Our advisors monitor client investments on a regular basis so that it may make any necessary transactions in discretionary accounts or make any necessary recommendations to clients in non-discretionary accounts. 

Financial Planning Services

Big Cedar Investment Advisors offers a free initial financial planning consultation.  Financial Planning Services review the client’s overall financial situation and provide a comprehensive, written financial plan or or consultation on a specific topics.  We offer  Comprehensive Financial Plan,  Annual Financial Plan Review and Financial Planning Consultation.

Comprehensive Financial Plan
Big Cedar Investment Advisors reviews all aspects of the client’s finances to prepare a written financial plan that makes comprehensive recommendations to help the client meet their financial objectives. These areas of analysis include: overall asset allocation, securities recommendations, insurance needs, mortgage planning, consumer debt, retirement planning, college planning, trust and estate planning, savings and budgeting, and tax planning.   Our advisors compile this financial information and use it to construct a Comprehensive Financial Plan tailored to the client’s specific financial situation.  Clients can execute the Comprehensive Financial Plan on their own or we can assist in implementation. If Portfolio Management Services are recommended in the Comprehensive Financial Plan, clients may engage us for those Portfolio Management Services as described above.

Annual Financial Plan Review
As financial conditions or objectives change over time, clients may engage Big Cedar Investment Advisors to review their financial plan annually. This review confirms the client’s financial information is accurate, evaluates whether the financial plan is reaching its goals, and makes any needed revisions .  

Financial Planning Consultation
Big Cedar Investment Advisors offers consultation on an as-needed basis.  We are available through a Financial Planning Consultation to make changes to a Comprehensive Financial Plan, discuss a specific financial topic, or evaluate a specific investment.